Best Online Golf Games to Play

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Best Online Golf Games to Play


For those of us that love the game of golf and think about it non-stop but can’t always make it out to the course to play, we often have to resort to online golf games to curb our cravings.  There are a broad range of different types of golf games on the internet.  Many are free and make money by supplying advertisements on the page and many of very realistic and detailed.


Playing online golf games (especially the realistic and detailed games) can often make you think about different factors and strategies of your game that you may not always think of when you go out to play real golf.  Some online golf games even base their courses off of real life courses.  If you’re a golf fanatic, you can join multi player golf games to play with other fanatics and many even allow you to chat with the other players.  You can even make it interesting and invite some friends to play with a little wager on each hole.  There’s no better way to get rid of a golf craving if you’re busy or if the weather’s bad than to hop online and play online golf games with others.  You can even crack open a nice cold beer to make it seem like you’re out on the course with the guys playing a round.

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